Test Automation

FTS Simulate

FTS Simulate is used to simulate trade and market data providers in order to support the testing of financial applications. A unique approach to trade and data simulation has been taken which supports various technical and functional capabilities that are ideal for new implementations, major upgrades, patch releases and system conversions. FTS Simulate provides savings in time, effort and cost during the end-to-end simulation and testing process upfront and in the future.

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Market-Based Simulation to Support the Testing of Your Financial Applications

Complete trade workflow and scenario negotiation providing end-to-end simulation and testing of your trading applications. Real market-based testing via simulation and synchronized testing with one or more client trading applications and one or more market providers. Eliminate dependencies, increase your test coverage during off-hours of trading, enhance the testing of your financial applications and improve overall efficiencies during your testing process.

Flexibility and Auto-Generation to test your Financial Applications in every aspect as it relates to messages, protocols and test data.

FTS Simulate is any market data or trade specific electronic feed agnostic. A template-driven approach provides simulation, support and extendibility for any feed or protocol. Multiple message types and protocols are supported out-of-the box. The technical capabilities leveraged to support any simulation minimize the support for new protocols and trade scenarios going forward. Combine these techniques with the auto-generation of test data from flexible templates and from production-like test data, to simplify and streamline your testing efforts today and in the future.

Third-Party Vendor Support

O3 continues to increase out-of-the box support for third party market data and trading vendors. Out-of-the-box messages, templates and trading scenarios for vendors like Bloomberg, Reuters, TradeWeb and MarkIt, give the client an edge in the testing market upfront and repeatedly going forward.

Synchronize the End-To-End Testing of Your Financial Applications

All of the software offerings within O3’s Financial Test Suite communicate with each other; front end automation, trade and data simulation, results comparison and test reporting. Synchronize the testing of your trading application under test with your connected systems and the FTS simulators for market and trade data. This synchronization allows for true end-to-end testing across all of your financial applications and integrated systems.


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