Test Reporting

FTS Report

FTS Report is used to aggregate and report test results and metrics as a result of the testing of your financial applications. FTS Report breaks out test results at all levels, providing pass / fail metrics and data comparison results throughout the testing process. Test results are provided in support of your financial applications for new implementations, major upgrades, patch releases and system conversions.

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Database-backed Reporting

A robust, database-backed reporting framework is used to display test results of all front-end automation and data comparison, and of all related batch testing of your trading systems. Reporting includes test pass / fail results by category (front, middle, back office, accounting), test case, test step and trading application. Errors are captured, logged and reported at all levels throughout the testing process. All individual tests are compiled, aggregated and reported on a test scenario level. Test runs are saved and compared for future iterative testing until the all testing process is complete. Various report types are provided to report at all levels, individually, for cycles and for management purposes.


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