Test Automation

FTS Compare

FTS Compare is used to automate the comparison of test results during the testing of trading systems for new implementations, major upgrades, patch releases or system conversions. The test results cover the data collected from front-end testing of the trading systems or from the testing of reports that run in the overnight batch process. FTS-Compare eliminates the manual effort required to compare test results, saving time, effort and cost.

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A Rich set of Technical Capabilities to Support the Testing of Your Trading Systems

A configuration-based approach to comparing test data supports a build once, test as needed paradigm, leveraging primary keys to compare data independent of location within files or data stores. A rich feature set offers a complete solution to compare test results to test data across difference versions of the trading systems, as well as support of multiple file-types, tolerances, row/column position and mappings.

Dashboards Support Bulk Test Execution and Troubleshooting of Test Results

The Compare Dashboard is used to execute file comparisons of reports, interfaces and database extracts and to view differences across multiple test runs during the testing process. The Compare Dashboard is used in two different modes, Execute mode and View mode. Execute mode is used to compare files and the View mode is used to view the results of the file comparisons and related differences. The Compare Dashboard leverages shared directories to store test result so that they can be viewed by multiple users across multiple locations.

Minimize the Burden of Testing New Releases of Your Financial Applications

A key contributor to successful automation and testing of your trading applications is reducing the burden of ongoing testing as you introduce new capabilities to support your trading business or as you maintain the existing functionality as you migrate upward to new versions. FTS Automate introduces reuse and portability throughout the testing process that significantly reduce the maintenance of your test harness. Simple, one-time mapping techniques of trading components to business conventions eliminate the need to revisit your test harness as your financial applications change. Define your test data and test cases once leveraging variability features that allow for a build once, test as needed paradigm.

Third-Party Vendor Support

Customized support is provided for Third-party financial applications like Summit, Calypso, Murex, LVTS and eFront. Utilities are provided to parse complex reports and file types for each of the financial applications.

Synchronize the End-To-End Testing of Your Financial Applications

All of the software offerings within O3’s Financial Test Suite communicate with each other; front end automation, trade and data simulation, results comparison and test reporting. Synchronize the testing of your trading application under test with your connected systems and the FTS simulators for market and trade data. This synchronization allows for true end-to-end testing across all of your financial applications and integrated systems.


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