Consulting Services

FTS Professional Services

In addition to the FTS software and solution offering, we provide specialized professional services tailored to the unique needs of each client. The service model is comprised of a combination of Consulting, Training and Support


O3's consulting team of FTS experts can assist clients in software automation build-outs, testing and implementation. With over a decade of industry experience, our consultants have the domain expertise and knowledge of best-practice standards to ensure maximum efficiency in client implementations.


O3 provides general and customized FTS training sessions for each client engagement. Based on the client's preference, the training can be conducted onsite or offsite and can accommodate any number of participants. Our primary objective is ensuring clients derive maximum value from the product as well as the experience through delivery of professional presentations and hands-on exercises.


O3 delivers continuous, reliable and timely support services to FTS clients. The support system is a three-tier process for all issues encountered:

Level 1 - Initial point of contact (via email or phone)
Level 2 - O3 Helpdesk - Analysis and Action Plan
Level 3 - Fix development - Debugging and Error correction

O3 has a dedicated support team with the requisite flexibilty in responding to client queries regardless of the geographical region. If required and feasible, a support consultant can also be deployed onsite to a client location to address any urgent issues.

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